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Do your listeners struggle more with not enough money or not enough time? Research consistently tells us the most likely answer is TIME. Christian broadcasters have done a good job in recent years of providing quality programming to help us manage our money. Now it's time to provide practical, Scriptural help with managing another valuable resource, our time.

LifeChanging Seminars has been a leader in the Christian community for over 15 years in teachingcd_radio.jpg time management from a Biblical perspective. Over 1,500 seminars in 49 states, many with well-known Christian ministries, have given us insight into where people struggle with time and ways we can help. Perhaps you have heard our seminar at one of the recent NRB Conventions where it was shared.

These concepts are now available for broadcast in a 59 second program called "Redeeming the Time." These fast-paced programs provide practical, useful information on ways to manage our time. Programs are co-hosted by veteran radio announcers, Don Hawkins and Mike Novak, and will reach all segments of your audience.  Programs do not contain donation requests or sales solicitations. They are underwritten by supporters of LifeChanging Seminars.

Our goal is to help you in making your station as effective and efficient as it can be for the Lord.  We get our programs to you ahead of time, every time so that you don't have to worry about whether we are going to come through for you or not.  We are ready to assist you in whatever way is necessary so that your listeners can be enjoying the program and learning to "redeem the time."

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