Redeeming the Time for Homeschoolers

Redeeming the Time for homeschoolers has many unique challenges that others often do not even think about.  I know that before I began homeschooling eleven years ago, I never even considered all the factors that set homeschoolers apart from others when it comes to homeschooling.  While all different sectors of society have their own unique set of challenges to effectively redeeming the time, I think there are few other groups that have so many challenges.  Having said that, I believe that there are few things in life that will gain a better return on the investment of time that homeschooling parents make.  Managing your time while homeschooling is not easy, but it can be done and if you do it well, you will have made a significant investment in eternity!

We have put together a few tips for you to read and think through.   All of the ideas won't apply to your family, but you may find one or two that you can adapt to your specific situation.  When you are finished, take time to look through the rest of the website and find hundreds of other ideas on redeeming the time in everyday living.  An excellent place to start is in the Redeeming the Time Radio transcripts section.  Take time also to look through our section especially for encouraging women to redeem the time. 

If you have ideas and suggestions for how your family has been able to redeem the time more effectively while homeschooling, please take the time to let us know so we can share your ideas with others!  God bless you as you redeem the time as a homeschooling family!

Common Time Traps for Homeschooling Families

Starting Your Year off Right with Effective Planning

Redeeming the Time with Efficient Record Keeping

Scheduling your Homeschooling Day

Setting Goals in your Homeschool

Using Timers to Redeem the Time

Raise your magnet to redeem the time

What non homeschoolers may not know about homeschoolers

Take time to be sane

Eat less to redeem your time

Ten Tips for Planning a Successful Year of Homeschooling