Homeschooling Tools

If you aren't keeping track of your homeschool records, it's a good time to start!  A lot of time can be saved by simply being able to record and print records instantly.  The attendance worksheet below is one that we made to fit North Carolina's requirements.  If you live in North Carolina, you can simply print the form and mail it in.  As you enter the days that you conducted school, it will automatically tally how many days are left in the school year.  You must have Excel to use this worksheet.  Simply click on the link below and open on your computer.


Attendance Worksheet--How to use this worksheet.  Open in Excel.  Put the number "1" in each day that you conduct school.  If you do less than a day, use the decimal format (.5 instead of 1/2).  When you are ready to print, depending on your Excel version, you may have to click to "print grid lines."  The form will print, fill in the individual student information and sign at the bottom.  The days will tally as you enter each day.  The total number of days is 180 so if you need more days than this, you will have to adjust the formula.  When you print the form, the day tally will not print.   Make sure you save this original as an original file to use each year.  Then, save each year's edition as a separate file.  Do we need to say to keep your files backed up?!  Enjoy!

Records and Attendance Worksheet--How to use this digital worksheet.  Open in Excel.  Type in the name of your school, school year etc.  Save a copy so that you can keep the original.  Go to the bottom of the sheet and name each sheet for each child by right clicking where it says, "child 1, child 2, etc."  Now enter the subject names (Algebra 1, Spanish 1, etc).  Label specific courses--not just "Math" in the upper years.  You can enter the test numbers ahead of time.  As tests are completed, enter the percentages.  Quizzes and other credit can be entered, but it will be averaged as a normal average.  If you want to do weighted averages you will have to change your formulas.  You may also comment on the score by right clicking on the percentage. 

The attendance sheet is at the bottom of the worksheet beside "child 1, child 2."  If you want to make individual attendance sheets, just right click and copy.  I normally just keep one attendance sheet for the whole family.  Enjoy!