Questions for planning your day


Daily Planning Questions
As a Christian, planning your day is not a process of inventing your own goals and agendas, but of discerning and detecting God’s directions for the day. That is best accomplished by asking the right questions each morning. Choose a few of the following questions which best resonate with you. Put a star by them. Then use them to plan your day and anticipate the exciting results! If you would like to download this list as a pdf for easier printing, click here.



• Questions to focus on God’s best
o If today were the last day of my life, how would I choose to spend it?
o What does God want me to do today?
o Who am I most likely to encounter that needs my help or encouragement today?
o Where have I seen God blessing in my life recently? Should I do more of that activity?
o What do I feel passionate about? Could my day take on greater significance by devoting more time and energy to that cause?
o What task is there that I, and only I, can do, that if done well could have great results in building God’s Kingdom?


• Questions to help you produce more
o What can I do today that will matter in 5 years?
o What can I do today that will matter in eternity?
o God has given me a unique set of spiritual gifts. Where can I apply those gifts to realize the greatest possible results?
o What is the 20% of my day that produces 80% of my results? How can I increase my results by enlarging that 20%?
o Who do I need to partner with to multiply my effectiveness?
o What skills could I learn or improve upon to achieve my goals?
o What is the biggest problem in my life right now? What can I do about it today?


• Questions to develop Godly character
o Who can I serve today without expecting anything in return?
o What fruits of the Spirit do I need to work on today?
o What promises and commitments do I need to keep today?
o What have I been procrastinating on that needs my attention today?
o Which area of my life is lacking and needs my attention today: Spiritual, Financial, Family, Career, Health, or Social?


• Questions to avoid many dangers, toils, and snares
o What am I most likely to do today that would keep me from doing the thing I should do?
o Where did I fail yesterday and how can I avoid making a similar mistake today?
o Of the many things I could do, which one should I do?
o Where are today’s interruptions and distractions most likely to arise from?
o How can I simplify my life today? What clutter can I cut out? What can I delegate?
o What would it take to end today with no regrets?