Resources from Life Changing Seminars

We produce a number of helpful and reasonably priced resources to help Christians become more effective in their use of time.  All prices include FREE SHIPPING.

These items are available for purchase online.

Redeeming the Time DVD


Basic Principles for Redeeming the Time

$15 with Free Shipping 

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Time Saving Tips for Busy Women E-Book


Everyday Tips for Busy Women

E-Book  $7.00 with Free Shipping!

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Overcoming Procrastination DVD


Biblical Principles for Overcoming Procrastination

$15 Includes Free Shipping

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Meditations for Busy Moms


Meditations on Motherhood 

E-Book  $7.00 with FREE Shipping

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Audience Attention DVD


Capture and Hold Audience Attention

 $15 with Free Shipping!

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Mother of All Trips!


An Incredible Story of God's Faithfulness


E-Book  $5.00 with Free Shipping!


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Learn How to Wake Up and Get Up!


Biblical Ways to "Wake up and Get Up!"

  $4.00 with Free Shipping

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Redeeming the Time Quote Calendar


Daily Quotes to "Redeem the Time"

 $3.00 with Free Shipping!

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What Does God Want Me to Do Right Now Stickers


Reminder Stickers

 10 for $1.00 with Free Shipping!

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