The Testimony of Carrie Grubbs

I was raised in a Christian home, and lived most of my growing up years in a pastor's home.  My parents invested a lot of time and resources in me and made it one of their highest goals to see that I would serve God. 

When I was almost 14 years old, God spoke to me about the need of giving my life to him, and I decided to give my life fully to God for Him to use in whatever way He would see best.  Although I was raised in a good home, it was such a relief when the burden of my own personal sins were washed away in the blood of Jesus.

When my parents left as missionaries to the Carribbean, I went with them for a short time, and then came back to attend Hobe Sound Bible College.  I stayed very active there in many Christian service activities as I enjoyed going out and being involved in ministry opportunities. 

When the opportunity to go to the state maximum security prison opened up, I decided to go along and help to minister in any way possible.  God must have given me the desire to go and help out, because it was that evening that the prison chaplain there noticed me, and the rest is written down in history.  I like to tell people that I met my husband in prison, and he always likes me to clarify what I mean!

God has blessed me with a beautiful life, and I often think about how I would have served God much quicker in life if I had just known all the special things that He had planned for me.