Very soon, my son, Royal, and I will be leaving for Papua New Guinea for a time of ministry in churches, schools, and special meetings! We are very excited about this opportunity and wanted to share some of our vision with our friends.

The Country

Papua New Guinea is an island nation just north of Australia. It has historically been one of the most isolated nations in the world, having basically no outside contact until the 1930’s. It was a land of spiritual darkness known for headhunters and cannibals. Many regions of the country are quite poor and continue to be isolated since there are no roads anywhere close to them.

My Connection

Wontok Radio is the largest Christian radio network in PNG. For over 10 years they have broadcast “Redeeming the Time” across their country. Whenever I meet Christians from PNG they almost always tell me they know the program.

The Mission

We will be visiting several regions of PNG, including the highlands and the capital, Pt Moresby sharing the challenge to redeem the time. We have seen a good interest from churches and schools who want to learn more about how to spend their time on what matters most, both now and in eternity. Both Royal and I will be sharing.

How Can You Help?

Pray for us! PNG has a very high crime rate along with many diseases, such as polio, typhoid and malaria, which we don’t experience here in the US. Pray for our safety but most of all pray for our effectiveness and that God would use us in a special way during our time there. The dates of the trip are May 28- June 12. We will have a final service in Australia with a Romanian church on the way home.

As God leads, we also welcome your help with the expenses of the trip. We are asking nothing of the people of PNG. Yet there will be thousands of dollars involved in making it all happen. If you would like to help us with this challenge you may donate here with your credit or debit card or mail a check with PNG on the memo line to:

LifeChanging Seminars

285 Majestic Dr.

Salisbury NC 28146

Thanks and God bless you for your giving and praying!