Would you like to speak so that others will listen? The ability to speak so that others will listen is a vital skill if we are to effectively share the Gospel audiencemodulewith today's attention-span-challenged listeners. None of us wants to be boring, yeaudiencemodulet most of us have never invested even one hour in learning basic public speaking skills which could greatly improve our effectiveness. Sunday School teachers, pastors, businessmen, students, and anyone who desires be more useful for the Lord can gain by the skills taught in this session. Rick has condensed his college speech course into a fast-moving, information-packed seminar on the best techniques for making people want to listen when you speak. Key points include: The 9 “Factors of Attention.” Things to include in every presentation to make it come alive The 8 best ways to introduce a message The 4 ways to create variety with your voice The key to making powerful eye contact How to use visuals, pause, humor, movement and audience participation to keep them tuned in.