How much more effective could you be if you conquered procrastination? 
Procrastination is the great thief of time.  Most Christians know the right things to do and they intend to do them.  The problem is making ourselves do it NOW. procmodule

"Overcoming Procrastination" is one of our most popular topics. Nearly every person at your church will admit they procrastinate at times. They also realize how much more effective they could be if this were conquered. 
You will learn:

The 3 root causes of procrastination as well as Scriptural principles to overcome each one

The rationalizations we use to justify procrastination

The key questions to ask ourselves when tempted to procrastinate

How to conquer the fear of failure

How to create motivation and momentum when you stall

The 5 scriptural weapons that give victory over any kind of procrastination 

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