"A farmer’s son was heading to town with a crate of chickens when he dropped the crate and the chickens quickly scattered all over the neighborhood. Fearing the wrath of his father, the boy frantically scoured the area rounding up all the chickens he could find. When he got home the boy confessed to his father what happened but explained he had been able to recover all 12 chickens. “That’s OK son.” The father replied, “Since I only sent 7 chickens in with you.” This was obviously a boy who knew how to immediately take action to deal with a problem. Even if he did overcorrect a bit the boy knew that he had a father who would hold him accountable for his actions. As Christians, we also have a father who will hold us accountable for the way we use our time. Many people waste time by procrastinating and running from their problems. But addressing your problems head on instead of ignoring them is how you redeem the time. "